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Skin Care

Skin is a mainstay of healthy and youthful appearance. Sun, skin disorders, aging and heredity conditions can cause the skin to have new wrinkles, increased laxity, and pigment changes.

A good skin care regimen can address all these issues. Paramount to an appropriate skin care regimen is detailed analysis of the underlying conditions and choosing the appropriate products to achieve the desired goals. This is exactly what Refine Plastic surgery offers. We pride ourselves in tailored treatments that will show you real improvement. Healthy skin is also more resilient and recovers fast from other procedures such as chemical peels, laser skin treatments and even surgeries such as facelifts.

At Refine Plastic Surgery we offer the latest in skin care treatment with the ZO Skin care line. This skin care line, exclusive to physicians, offers solutions to achieve the brightest and healthiest skin.

There are 3 basic needs for most healthy skin (1) Getting the skin ready (2) Prevention and Correction (3) Protection. Getting the skin ready involves a proper regiment of cleansing, exfoliation and oil control. Prevention and correction is customized to the needs of your skin whether its improving texture, addressing color changes, or stimulating renewal/regeneration in your skin cells. Protection helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier function, increases tolerance to ultraviolet light and defends against damaging free radicals. All our skin care consultations are conducting by trained and licensed individuals. Come experience the difference at Refine Plastic Surgery.