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Facial Fat Grafting

What is Fat Grafting Used For?

As we age, our faces tend to lose volume as a result of tissue atrophy (thinning of the tissues). This can lead to some of the typical appearances we see as we get older including thin lips, shallow cheeks, creases and wrinkles. Many of these unwanted appearances can be corrected by filling them back with your own fat from other parts of the body.

Additionally other surgeries such as breast surgery or trauma can sometimes leave undesired or visible contour irregularities. Many of this can be “filled” or corrected using fat grafting or injection. Fat grafting has become a central part of facial rejuvenation used with face lift as well as breast reconstruction after cancer treatment.

Why Have Fat Injected?

The great advantage to fat is that it is permanent or has a much longer lasting result than manufactured fillers. Dermal fillers although less invasive, require repeat treatment every 12 to 24 months. Fat injection, although it has a longer recovery can offer a more lasting result. Fat grafting requires a small incision to harvest or suction fat. We then make other incisions to reinjection. These are typically smaller than a 16 gauge needle.


There is commonly bruising and/or discomfort at the injection site and sometime at the fat harvest site. Fortunately, adverse and side effects are rare and usually resolve within a few days. Area of treatment can be swollen longer than with dermal filler and it can take weeks to see the long term result.