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Hand Surgery

Surgery of the hand involves delicate treatment of the soft tissues including the skin, nerves, tendons, blood vessels  as  well as attention to the underlying support including the bones and ligaments.  It is always recommended to see a hand specialist such as Dr. Brown.  A qualified hand surgeon is someone who underwent additional training to specialize in hand surgery at an accredited fellowship.  Additionally they should seek to  obtain a board certification in “Surgery of the Hand.”  Does the surgeon performing your carpal tunnel or hand surgery have these qualifications?  Dr. Brown is one of only a few surgeons in West Texas with a separate board certification in Surgery of the Hand. Dr. Brown is in network with most insurances through medical practice Basin Orthopedics.

Explore Hand Surgery

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Hand Mass Removal

Lumps and bumps happen on the hand relatively commonly. There are variety of benign tumors including lipomas, ganglion cysts, and giant cell tumors that are

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Nerve Repair

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