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Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

Why perform an otoplasty?

Prominent ears is a common condition and represents a mild deformity that is along the spectrum of congenital ear deformities, ranging from very mild prominence to complete absence of the ear. One’s appearance with prominent ears can lead to considerable social difficulties, particularly in children starting around the age of 6 or 7.  There are several reasons that the ear can protrude more than desired. A detailed physical examination can identify the problem and then we can make a surgical plan.

What is and otoplasty?

The procedure, termed “Otoplasty” involves an incision on the back of the ear where it is mostly hidden from sight.  Through this approach we can shape and mold the cartilage to achieve the desired results. The procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure, usually under general anesthesia. Surgery to correct prominent ears  is most often considered a cosmetic surgery, although in certain pediatric cases insurance may cover the procedure.

What is the recovery like?

Most otoplasty patients don’t experience any major pain or discomfort and thoroughly enjoy the transformative results. After the surgery is performed, a light dressing will be placed around the ears, and a compression headband will keep the ears covered and protected. Most of the swelling and discomfort will subside within the first week, though a compressive headband will need to be worn for a couple of weeks. Throughout recovery and while wearing the headband, patients are advised to avoid sleeping on their sides.