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Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa Services

Dr. Brown performs a variety of plastic and hand surgeries.  Additionally, our medical spa offers a wide range of office based and minimally invasive treatments. Our signature procedures are designed to refine your natural and original beauty with notable and lasting results.  We believe knowledge is power and this procedure section was created to offer the most information we can about particular surgeries.  If you don’t see a particular treatment or surgery listed please feel free to call and ask.

Explore Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa Services

Hand Surgery

Surgery of the hand involves delicate treatment of the soft tissues including the skin, nerves, tendons, blood vessels  as  well as attention to the underlying

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Medical Spa Services

The world of aesthetic medicine has exploded in the last decade.  Our medical spa offers minimally invasive yet highly effective treatments while staying on the

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Breast Surgery

Breast surgeries can offer dramatic results in a single surgery when done properly.  Dr. Brown offers a variety of surgeries including breast lift, augmentation, and

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Body Surgery

Our bodies have naturally beautiful contours. Plastic Surgery of the body seeks to restore these contours which can be lost after significant changes in weight,

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Face Surgery

Surgery on the face requires an incredible attention to detail. Dr. Brown offers this assessment to all his patients and then tailors a treatment plan

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