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About Leigh Ann Mansell RN

Leigh Ann Mansell, RN, a native Midlander has contributed 26 years of nursing care to her community. Graduating in 1994 at just 20 years of age as a LVN, she immediately began working in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with a renowned plastic surgeon. The last 26 years her career as a surgical nurse has included many opportunities and though she always maintained her work in Aesthetics she also was able to assist in other specialties ranging from Neonatal care, Orthopedics, Spine and Pain Management among others. She has held many titles ranging from OR circulator, post-operative recovery, pre-op, infection control, quality assurance, to Laser and Radiation Safety officer positions.

In 2007 she became a Registered Nurse and continued her plastics and aesthetics training. Leigh Ann feels her experience working with reputable physicians who offer the highest caliber of care has truly molded her into the professional she is today. Throughout her nursing career she has strived to expand her skill set on many different levels, with special focus in the Plastic and Aesthetics industry. Leigh Ann’s experience and knowledge encompass the whole realm of plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetic treatments. 1996 after two years of working hard to learn excellent surgical skills, Leigh Ann had the opportunity to attend her first Society of Plastic and Surgical Skin Care Specialists meeting, becoming a certified skin care specialist. Leigh Ann quickly learned her passion for helping her clients achieve beautiful, healthy skin all while gaining self-confidence, she believes the best way to provide superior care is by continuing to evolve in this industry. Constantly enhancing her knowledge by attending many meetings like American Society of Plastic Surgery, the recently transitioned SPSSCS to the Aesthetics Society and International Society of and Plastic Aesthetics Nurses (ISPAN) maintaining memberships with American Nursing Association, and The Texas Aesthetic Nurse Coalition. Keeping up with the newest treatments, and the latest advanced injection techniques, this, coupled with her artistic eye, helps give each client the optimal results they envision. Leigh Ann believes the best outcomes are by offering thorough consultations assessing and listening to your individual needs, being able to provide you with knowledge and education about the treatments you receive ranging from superficial skin treatments to multiple staged plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures. Her previous experience not only refined her but enhanced her ability to conduct comprehensive consultations to give each client a feeling of comfort, and to gain an understanding of their aesthetic needs thriving on helping patients receive the best individual experience on their personal road to wellness. Leigh Ann looks forward to creating that amazing nurse client experience, while offering exceptional treatments and care! 

Leigh Ann is currently studying for her next goal… To hold the title of Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS) and Certified Plastic Nurse Specialist (CPNS), these certifications are  prestigious recognitions awarded by the American Academy of Plastic Surgical Nurses Certification Board.

About Tiffany Bynum CNP

Tiffany Bynum is an advanced practice registered nurse and is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

She was raised in Midland, TX. Tiffany earned her associate’s degree from Midland College in 2010, Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing in 2016, became certified as an peri-operative nurse through AORN in 2016, and her Master of Science in Nursing in 2020 from University of Texas Arlington. 

Starting a career as a registered nurse, Tiffany worked in NICU at Odessa Regional Medical Center. She then transitioned to the operating room, where she became a Team Leader in gynecologic surgeries and also circulated numerous plastic surgeries. Tiffany has 10 years of experience as a nurse with 7 of them being in womens health and women’s operative care. 

She has continued to expand her education and training incorporating aesthetic medicine.  She has focused her education to include skin care, botox, facial fillers, laser treatments and radio frequency skin tightening and fat reduction.